PZT Actuator DMs


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We manufacture custom piezoelectric (PZT) actuator deformable mirrors with a high reflectivity multi-layer dielectric coating or metal type coatings. We have produced DMs for laboratory, field, and military platforms.

The 21-actuator device, shown above, was designed for high reflectivity at 1064nm. A recent experiment showed that one of these mirrors withstood 120 kW CW laser radiation without any thermally induced distortion. See: http://www.aos-llc.com/docs/HighPowerDMPressReleaseJM100628.pdf for more information.

Laser Beam Shaping
Using our capability to interface WaveTrain to our adaptive optics hardware (membrane deformable mirrors and cameras), we demonstrated the ability to convert a Gaussian beam into different shapes using only 7 actuators. The false-color intensity plots shown here are a result of a genetic search of actuator position. This type of beam shaping could be applied to a wide variety of commercial laser applications.

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