Shack-Hartmann WFS


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We now support GigE and USB 3.0 cameras from Allied Vision Technologies. These are built to order so call about specifying your system today! This high-end camera link Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor enables wavefront measurement into the near infra-red for use in eye-safe applications. Most Common Lens Array: 72 um Pitch, 2 mm focal length. We have the ability to make virtually any camera (Camera-Link, GigE, Firewire, etc.) into a world-class wavefront sensor. In fact, many of our current products have been manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. Your custom wavefront sensor will be integrated with our existing wavefront sensor software for easy use. Please contact us if you need a wavefront sensor. We’d be happy to quote it.

Hartman Arrays:
These Hartmann arrays are perfect for making a conventional imager into a Hartmann sensor. We can produce them in film or in chrome-glass. The film has a contrast ratio of ~1.4% while the Cr/glass has a contrast ratio of about 0.1%.

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