July 15, 2019


These FAQs are here to answer common questions. If you have any questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email info@aos-llc.com.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can AOS design a custom deformable mirror for my application?
Yes! We have worked hard on our development processes to enable us to quickly manufacture custom DM designs. Please contact us with your specifications and see what we can do for you (info@aos-llc.com).

Does the AOS USB drive electronics work on Windows 8 or Windows 10?
Yes, but you need to disable Windows digital signature verification. There are a variety of websites that provide a how-to guide (see a link below). The basics are as follows: – Restart windows while holding the shift key (hitting F8 during boot should work as well). – Select “Troubleshoot”, “Advanced Options”, “Startup Settings”, “Restart” – On boot, select “Disable driver signature enforcement”. – After reboot, install the driver from the Device Manager by right clicking on the DE in the Ports section and updating the driver here.

With the ethernet electronics, you may need to disable Windows firewall and make sure that your port is assigned to the same subnet mask as your electronics. Contact your IT department to ensure that theses conditions are met prior to calling us for support.

Where can I get the latest version of the software?
For current customers, the latest version of the AOS software is available by emailing support@aos-llc.com.

Do I need Microsoft Visual Studio to run the AOS software?
No. The AOS software needs the 2010 Visual Studio C++ redistributable that will install along with the normal AOS software.

Installation of the AOS software made my WiFi disappear! How do I fix that?
This is something associated with the installation of the Vimba software from Allied Vision Technology. Run the “Vimba Driver Installer” and change your WiFi card to “Vimba filter driver disabled”. Click “Apply” and close the program. Your WiFi should now come back and your computer should operate normally.

Why won’t the .WFS file load on my non USA computer?

The WFS file is a CSV file at its base.  Some computers not configured for US formats use semi-colons for separations between segments and commas for punctuation between the integer and fractional numbers.  The best solution is to switch the computer into US format mode.

About Active Optical Systems, LLC

What is AOS and what do you do?
AOS designs and builds custom optical control components and systems including deformable mirrors (membrane and PZT-based plate-type), drive electronics for computer interfacing, and different kinds of wavefront sensors (Hartmann, Shack-Hartmann, Curvature, etc.), fast steering mirrors, adaptive optics systems, and tracking systems. AOS is an affiliate company of MZA Associates Corporation (www.mza.com).