Turbulence Testing

Pricing Pricing starts at $10,000. Please contact AOS about pricing for the ACS so that we can help you specify the system to meet your needs. Description The Atmospheric Characterization System (ACS) is a complete atmospheric turbulence characterization system that leverages our decades of development in Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors to estimate the coefficient of variance Read more about Turbulence Testing[…]

Adaptive Optics Kits

Pricing Our AO kits are available for as little as $10k for educational institutions. Description The AOS kits come with a feedback sensor (wavefront or camera), a 1″ membrane deformable mirror, USB drive electronics, and Windows AO software. Contact us to help you put together your kit. Datasheets and Manuals Software Manual Datasheet Datasheet Application Read more about Adaptive Optics Kits[…]

Metric AO Systems

Pricing $7500 for 32-channel Drive Electronics. Call us for more pricing and information. Description We recently modified our drive electronics package to enable the user to connect an external metric (typically a photodiode) to the box and use it to do closed-loop metric adaptive optics. We have currently implemented stochastic parallel gradient descent (SPGD), but Read more about Metric AO Systems[…]


Pricing Contact MZA Associates Corporation for pricing on WaveTrain and WaveTrain Lab. WaveTrain Lab components are available free with the purchase of any AOS products. Description WaveTrain is a software package to model adaptive optics and wave-optics systems that is produced by our parent company, MZA Associates Corporation. WaveTrain is free for use on US Read more about WaveTrain[…]

Membrane DMs

Pricing $1500 for a 1″ diameter aperture nitrocellulose aluminum-coated deformable mirror up to 32 actuators. $2000 for a 1″ diameter aperture polyimide aluminum-coated deformable mirror up to 32 actuators. Call us for more pricing and capability information for different coatings, different aperture diameters, and different numbers of actuators. Description The polymer membrane deformable mirror technology Read more about Membrane DMs[…]

DM Drive Electronics

Pricing Starting at $19,999 for a 32 channel PZT Drive Electronics system for plate-type DMs. Please contact us for a pricing sheet. Description We manufacture high-power drive electronics called PZT Drive Electronics to address our plate-type deformable mirrors. We use a standard rack mountable 3U chassis with a LVDS/Ethernet interface or Cameralink. These electronics start Read more about DM Drive Electronics[…]

USB Drive Electronics

Pricing $5000 for 32-channel USB Drive Electronics for membrane DMS. Call us for more pricing and capability information for more channels and self-contained metric AO systems. Description Our high voltage drive electronics is designed to work with our membrane deformable mirrors, but works equally well with membrane deformable mirrors manufactured by other companies or virtually Read more about USB Drive Electronics[…]